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"for me I'm on the boat with Connor and I'm talking till I get it done and I'm reaching a deal..." Eddit Hearn would bring Coner back.


“for me I’m on the boat with Connor and I’m talking till I get it done and I’m reaching a deal…” Eddie Hearn would bring Coner back.

Dana White’s been banging on about how it’s tough to get McGregor back in the octagon because of all the money he’s made.

Eddie Hearn talking to Ariel Helwani recently had some opinions on McGregor’s return to the UFC.

Now, we’ve all heard the back and forth, haven’t we? Dana White’s been banging on about how it’s tough to get McGregor back in the octagon because of all the money he’s made. But Helwani it calling BS on that claim, and Hearn agrees. The man behind some of boxing’s biggest events points out that stars like AJ and Canelo rake in just as much money as McGregor, yet they keep stepping back into the ring. So, what’s the real story with Conor?

Hearn’s got a line to McGregor and reckons he’s itching for a fight. But, and it’s a big but, the deal’s got to be right. It’s not about Conor not wanting to fight; it’s about making sure the terms make sense. And let’s be clear, McGregor might not be pocketing as much as Canelo and AJ, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get a deal that reflects his worth to the sport.

Eddie’s got a point. Sometimes, you’ve got to splash the cash to bring the magic back to the sport. McGregor isn’t just any fighter; he’s the golden goose of MMA. His comeback wouldn’t just be another fight night; it would be a spectacle, revving up the fans, spiking the pay-per-view numbers, and giving the UFC a jolt of energy that only ‘The Notorious’ can.

And here’s where Hearn nails it – bringing back McGregor is worth every penny. The man’s a legend, a self-promoter like no other, and let’s be honest, the biggest draw in combat sports. Period. If I were Dana, I’d be on the phone with Conor, hammering out a deal until we got it sorted. Because when McGregor fights, the world watches. And that’s not just good for the UFC; it’s good for MMA as a whole.

Sure, negotiating with McGregor might be like wrestling a bear, but as Hearn says, it’s 100% worth it. You match him up right, and not only do you have a blockbuster event, but you also have a chance to reignite McGregor’s legacy in the cage.

So, Hearns take? Get it done. The sport’s better with McGregor in it, throwing lefts and causing chaos. It’s what the fans want, it’s what the UFC needs, and frankly, it’s what McGregor deserves. Make it happen.

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